Project Spotlight: Sea Stars Play Cafe

Adelaide’s first underwater-themed play cafe, designed by Nella, is a testament to innovation. Her client Russell aimed to introduce a groundbreaking play experience to Adelaide, and Nella played a pivotal role in shaping this vision. The journey commenced with the conceptualisation of a theme for the venue, sparked by Nella’s idea of creating an underwater ambience. As this creative theme evolved, she meticulously crafted a unique brand identity for the establishment.

Throughout the project’s inception and meticulous design phases, Nella ensured the consistent and thoughtful execution of the oceanic theme, creating a space that seamlessly blends playfulness with a sophisticated cafe setting for both children and adults to enjoy. Collaborating with ‘MJ Playgrounds,’ a renowned Australian commercial indoor playground equipment supplier, Nella coordinated the realisation of the underwater-themed vision.

This endeavour entailed strategic ceiling adjustments to accommodate state-of-the-art playground equipment, ultimately delivering a novel play experience for children. Despite encountering numerous challenges, the project excelled in successfully navigating the many setbacks in obtaining council approval. Throughout the life cycle of the project, there was an unwavering commitment from the project team, working closely with building certifiers and other specialised professionals to make the project a success.

This commitment extended to the design and creation of vibrant party rooms, ocean-inspired bathrooms, and the design of a fully equipped commercial kitchen. In the front-of-house areas, custom joinery featured exquisite blue tiles against warm timber, complemented by custom vinyl flooring that embraced the underwater theme. Nella deliberately selected soothing pastel hues, crafting a visually inviting environment for all users, deviating from the primary colour palettes commonly seen in play cafes across Adelaide. Nella’s dedication and thoughtful design have transformed this space into a unique oasis where both children and adults can revel in a world of play and leisure.

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