We deliver projects across South Australia's sectors.

We at Muse Design Studio pride ourselves in having a large portfolio of projects across many different industries, including Fitness, Medical, Retail, Entertainment, Hospitality and office designs, just to name a few. We love the diversity in designing spaces from different industries, and how each industry has its own style of design. This makes every project fun, new and exciting, while also ensuring that the design aligns with brand identity and target audience.

Our process.

Our process has been carefully refined to deliver a seamless experience that meets tight deadlines.

Design Brief

Allows us to identify the scope, scale and core details of your upcoming design project.

Concept Design

Our concept design presentations includes a visual representation and description of the overall design theme, layout, and aesthetics for any commercial space. We present key elements like colour schemes, furniture choices, lighting concepts, and branding considerations, providing clients with an understanding of how the space will look and function to meet the business’s objectives.

Construction Documentation

Our Construction Drawings include detailed technical drawings and schedules that provide comprehensive instructions for the construction of a commercial space. This consists of electrical layouts, plumbing designs, ceiling and partition plans, wall finishes schedule, joinery details and other specifications necessary for contractors and builders to accurately price off the design and bring the project to completion.

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The minds behind Muse are a powerhouse of industry experience, innovation, and ingenuity. 
We are united by a client-centred methodology and the belief in the power of good design to transform businesses and lives for the better.

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