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Retail design in Adelaide involves the strategic and creative process of designing commercial spaces, such as stores and boutiques, to attract customers and enhance the shopping experience. We at Muse focus on creating visually appealing layouts, optimising product displays, and ensuring seamless customer flow to drive sales and brand loyalty in the retail industry in Adelaide.

The Fruchocs Shop

  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Barossa Valley, SA
  • Country: Peramangk
  • Client: Phil Sims
  • Project team: Amethyst Hudson
  • Builder: Total Fitouts, SA
  • Photographer: Lumiant Photography
  • Awards: Total Fitouts 2022
    International Best Design
Tananda Fruchocs Shop is a nostalgic confectionery store that connects the present with the fast. Sourcing inspiration from traditional sweet shops and interconnecting that with fantasy, a moment that inspires creativity and imagination.


  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Mount Gambier, SA
  • Country: Buandig
  • Project team: Amethyst Hudson
Seamlessly blending the timeless art of meat craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Clean lines and a minimalist approach create a sleek and inviting atmosphere, while pops of colour add a playful touch to the space.

Selfie Studio

  • Year: 2023
  • Location: Melbourne, SA
  • Client: Kenny Paek
  • Project team: Amethyst Hudson
Seamlessly blending chrome, texture, and form to create a captivating experience. Gleaming elements play off against the warm and inviting textures that envelop the space. Captivating the interplay of materials, from smooth, polished surfaces to intricate, handcrafted details that invite tactile exploration.

Urban Gifts

  • Year: 2023
  • Location: Adelaide, SA
  • Country: Kaurna
  • Client: Lyn & Peter
  • Project team: Amethyst Hudson
  • Builder: Total Fitouts Adelaide Central

Urban Gift; a retail experience that highlights relationships with local makers and creatives. Offering a unique and personal experience through tailored lighting, soft stone accents and bespoke custom joinery to invoke a sense of warm nostalgia.

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Concept Design

Our concept design presentations includes a visual representation and description of the overall design theme, layout, and aesthetics for any commercial space. We present key elements like colour schemes, furniture choices, lighting concepts, and branding considerations, providing clients with an understanding of how the space will look and function to meet the business’s objectives.

Construction Documentation

Our Construction Drawings include detailed technical drawings and schedules that provide comprehensive instructions for the construction of a commercial space. This consists of electrical layouts, plumbing designs, ceiling and partition plans, wall finishes schedule, joinery details and other specifications necessary for contractors and builders to accurately price off the design and bring the project to completion.

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Asked Questions.

Certainly, we offer our clients diligent support throughout the process, maintaining professional collaboration with the building certifier when the need arises.
As a standard practice, we often advise our clients to opt for a private certifier, a strategic move that typically accelerates and streamlines the entire process.

Until the construction drawings phase, clients retain the opportunity to make adjustments to ensure the plans align perfectly with their requirements and needs.

Undoubtedly, this constitutes an integral and imperative facet of our design process. Ensuring that the interior design harmonies with the client's brand stands as a paramount priority for us.
Yes, we often work closely with Retail Design Managers within various Shopping Centres across Adelaide. Through the experience we have gained over many retail projects, we have an understanding of the different design requirements needed to get your project approved by Centre Management.

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